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Air y’ a Redneck?

“If’n yew shoved yer brain up a gnats buttocks, It would look like a BB ina boxcar..”
cegrab 20140728 225655 159 1 522x293 House Prices Force Adults To Live With Parents By Gerard Tubb, North Of England Correspondent Millions of young workers have been dubbed the “clipped wing generation” because they are forced to live with their parents by rising house prices. Housing charity Shelter has published census data showing almost… Moe a'Reedin'
Skool Dumbass Edjukashun: Parents Are Stoopid! As a new school year approaches, a few thoughts…  If you’ve ever been the parent of a child who goes to school, you, more than anyone else, know that kids occasionally get sick and have to miss a day… Moe a'Reedin'
nz herald ryan dunn 620x348 Can You Spot the Major Error in Newspaper’s Lead Story on Slain Israeli Soldier? The New Zealand Herald has apologized to the family of slain New Zealand-born Israeli soldier Staff Sgt. Guy Boyland after the paper accidentally ran a photo of late “Jackass” comedian Ryan Dunn to accompany a story about the soldier’s death.… Moe a'Reedin'
600x3667 See the Aerial Photos Released by the Israeli Military That They Say Proves ‘Gaza Terrorists Fired Rockets’ That Killed Nine Children in Gaza GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip (TheBlaze/AP) — Hamas and Israel have both blamed each other for an explosion at a Gaza park Monday that killed at least 10 Palestinians – including nine children playing on a swing – in a horrific… Moe a'Reedin'
the lloyds tsb building with gherkin 1 522x293 Bankers Should Be Made To Take Moral Oath A think tank believes bankers should be expected to swear an oath in which they promise to behave properly, in the same way as doctors. ResPublica has drawn up a statement that it says people who work at major financial… Moe a'Reedin'
Screen Shot 2014 07 28 at 8.08.35 PM ‘Very, Very Disturbing’ Discovery at Florida Synagogue Has This Jewish Community on Edge Anti-Semitic graffiti was found spray painted on the pillars of a Jewish synagogue in Miami-Dade County, Florida, early Monday morning — and it’s reminded the community that even Jews living in the freest nation in the world still face persecution.… Moe a'Reedin'
Glenn Beck TV1 620x333 Beck Shows ‘Extraordinarily Disturbing’ Images to Remind Americans of ‘Good Versus Evil’ in the Middle East Glenn Beck showed “extraordinarily disturbing” images of ISIS brutality on his television show Monday, saying he believes it is “irresponsible to not show you the face of evil.” “People are defending their right to exist,” Beck said. “It is irresponsible… Moe a'Reedin'
A new video posted online shows a fox steal a GoPro and then attempt to “eat” the camera. The footage, captured in Alaska, shows the curious animal approach the GoPro, then run off with it during an apparent attempt to… Moe a'Reedin'

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