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If’n his brains were dynamite, he couldn’t blow his nose.”
alt restaurant scene header v2 Baking Tips from a Redneck Kitchen Sign n' / Regist'r Postid: 8:52 am Mundie, Septemb'r 22nd, 2014 By Alaxa Lampasona Today is t'furst day o'fall, an' fer me at meens it’s bakyun' time! I don’t knoe about y'all, but thar is sumthin about t'crisp'r temperatures at… Sum Moe radin'
Cow Dumbass Prank: The Cow Heart On the Wrong Porch Trick! ******* Dateline, Pertlan', Oregon (agin) I furst read about thishere stery a wile back, but it didn’t have un endin so I didn’t want ta write about it. But t'Pertlan' PD has noe sussed t'case an' it has a cuple… Sum Moe radin'
 New at Dunkin Donuts: The Donut Ho! Bes o' ******* Noose Thar’s a Dunkin Donuts un Route 46 n' Parsippany, New Jersy at has addet un item ta thar menu. Dunkin calls t'new item is callt “T' Xtrey Sugar”. Local cops call it prostitushun. … Sum Moe radin'
Thousan's o'folk hedded out ta St. Jo thishere weekend, a'hopin ta git a lil mud un thar tires.Rednex wit Paychex is un event at onlee happens twicet a year brangin jeeps, trux an' fer- wheel'r lovers togeth'r ta celebrate all… Sum Moe radin'
habitat story 300x225 6th Annual Redneck Golf Open for Habitat for Humanity Paris/Lamar Countee Habitat fer Humanitee is holdin its 6th Annual Redneck Golf Ope at Pine Ridge Golf Corse un Saturdee, Septemb'r 20.Shotgun starts fer acoupla sessyuns cummence at 8 a.m. an' 2 p.m.  Cost is $200 p'r team er… Sum Moe radin'
Happy%2BBirthday%2B %2BHomer Happy 4th Birthday, Dumbass News! Doh! Holee ****! I jes happent ta look at t'calendar an' the it hit me. Today is a verr speshul day. But I coultn’t rememb'r perzackly why. T' thoughts cummenced ta race through my hed like Barock Obamie un meth… Sum Moe radin'
Bitchfield Dumbass Travel Guide: Towns With Stoopid Names Signs! Howdy, Dumbasses! A cuple o'houseecleenyun' items befor we git ta today’s Dumbassery. Thanks ta all o'y'all fer t'Happy Birthdee wishes. I rilly preciate t'Git Well wishes also. (I am a'feelin much bett'r) Mos Impertant Update: I wrote at t'end o'Julee… Sum Moe radin'
EAGLE — Wuther pleeyun' his'n craft un comedy stages across t'kuntry, cruise ships un t'high seas er un sum o'telavishun’s biggest comedy showcases, Steve “Mudflap” McGrew has bee pleeyun' his'n suthern-friet humer, since long befor it became fashyunabull, n' clubs… Sum Moe radin'

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